Thursday, October 27, 2016

Heating Up at Berkeley?

Students trying to get to class were barred from walking through UC Berkeley's Sather Gate by a wall of activist students protesting for "safe spaces."

More than 100 protesters shouted "Go around!" at approaching students but opened up to allow students who wanted to join the protest to pass during Friday's demonstration, the latest spasm of activism on campus.

Many students  detoured around the bridge at Sather Gate and crossed Strawberry Creek without much hardship. A video posted on YouTube by Diego Reyes claimed that white students were prevented from passing through the gate but students of color were allowed through. But UC Berkeley Assistant Vice Chancellor Dan Mogulof said that race and ethnicity played no role in who was allowed to cross the line.

"Simply put, no one, of any ethnicity, was allowed to pass except for one or two individuals who asked to join the protest itself," Mogulof wrote in an email.

The activist students carried banners urging students to "Fight 4 Spaces of Color" at the university — which they already have. But according to the Daily Californian, they don't like their current space at Eshelman Hall and are demanding relocation. Unfortunately, the three alternatives proposed by the university were deemed unsatisfactory by the students...

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