Sunday, February 7, 2016

Just a Reminder

Amazing new technology
We'd like to take the opportunity to remind those in charge of things that there are now wonderful recording technologies available so that meetings can be preserved!

For example, the UCLA Academic Senate held a meeting on the proposed Tier 3 pension the other day at an hour when classes were in session and many could not attend. Although yours truly suggested the meeting be recorded, apparently that didn't happen.

There were also two webinars set up by UCOP to discuss the Tier 3 pension. One has already occurred. The other will take place soon. The first was not recorded and made available. Will the second be?

Finally, yours truly noted that there was an off-cycle meeting of the Regents' health committee on Feb. 3. Apparently, it was live streamed. But although the Regents say they "archive" their meetings for one year, yours truly couldn't find a link to this one. (He has written to request the link.)

So - dear powers-that-be - please take advantage of technology, particularly for those of us who work during the day.

And if you don't think the technology is available, here's proof:

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