Sunday, February 14, 2016

Gone With the Wind

UC Berkeley’s tuition break is nearly erased

Californians seeking professional degrees have for years enjoyed big tuition discounts to attend the public law and business schools at UC Berkeley. But that benefit is nearly gone, because the university has raised prices for state residents at a rate faster than for students from out of state, a Chronicle analysis has found.

University records also show that the number of Californians at the prestigious UC Berkeley Law School and Haas School of Business has fallen sharply over the last decade, while out-of-state enrollments have soared.

The disappearing in-state tuition break and the rise in nonresident enrollment raise questions about whether the University of California is treating California students fairly. Many say the university is wrong to charge Californians, who pay taxes that support UC and its professional schools, nearly as much as out-of-state students.

Tuition and mandatory fees more than doubled for California residents at Berkeley Law and at Haas since fall 2005. Then, the annual price for both was about $24,000. Now it’s more than $52,000 a year for the law school and nearly $58,000 for Haas...

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