Friday, February 5, 2016


The challenge
...As a part of the budget deal, the University will add 5,000 more resident freshmen and transfer students and another 5,000 students over the next two years. Napolitano said she thinks the budget calls for the need for additional classrooms, labs, dining and housing facilities and faculty. “There are some challenging elements to it, but they’re good challenges to have,” she said. She added she thinks the University’s priority is to keep tuition low and predictable in the coming years. Napolitano said that due to the financial aid mechanisms, almost half of in-state students are able to graduate without debt. However, the UC system can no longer financially depend on only tuition and state appropriations to fund, she said. Napolitano added the engagement of alumni, faculty and department deans is required to form a new revenue model...

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Apart from the state budget allocation and tuition, this "new revenue model" will provide operating money from... ???? Ask your "department dean" for the answer.

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