Thursday, February 25, 2016

Good Intentions

The road to Hell is paved with you-know-what
Daily Bruin editorial:

Mandatory reporting of sexual assault from employees harms survivors

In an email sent out to students Monday, UCLA Chancellor Gene Block announced an update to the systemwide policy that governs the UC’s response to incidents and allegations of sexual violence and sexual harassment.
The email highlighted a small but critical shift in the responsibility of campus employees within the University’s investigatory process that prioritizes the institution’s reputation at the expense of sexual assault and harassment survivors.
According to the email, “the policy designates employees as ‘responsible employees’ required to report information concerning sexual harassment and sexual violence to the Title IX coordinator.”
Administrators, faculty and employees in supervisory positions are now required to report any information they are given about anyone at all affiliated with UCLA. All other employees, including student workers, are responsible for reporting any information indicating a UCLA student may have experienced sexual violence or harassment.
Faculty at other campuses who have been required to report incidents of sexual assault have pushed back against similar policies, charging that mandatory reporting could silence students who fear an automatic report and a subsequent lengthy and intensive investigation.
The UC not only ignored these complaints, but widened the net of mandatory reporters past faculty, leaving even fewer safe avenues for survivors to be able to discuss their experiences confidentially...

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