Saturday, February 20, 2016

Listen to the Regents Health Committee Meeting of Feb. 3, 2016

Blog readers will know that the Regents adopted a policy giving the Committee on Health Services new authority, essentially a way of giving the various UC health centers a greater degree of autonomy.

On February 3, 2016, the Committee in its new configuration met. Below is an audio link to that meeting. (As we have noted many times, the Regents only "archive" their own recording for one year. We preserve the audio indefinitely.

Under the new configuration, there are now two committees of the Regents that apparently will be meeting off cycle (separately from the general Regents meeting): Health and Investments. The next meeting of Investments will be on February 26. (We will - eventually - provide an audio recording of that meeting.)

The Health Services meeting was primarily devoted to a general review of industry trends plus reports about UC in particular. Some lamenting about labor costs at UC took place. There was also review of a preliminary plan for a neuroscience building at UC-San Francisco.

You can hear the meeting at the link below.

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