Monday, May 18, 2015

Waiting to see

Do they read Calpensions?
We posted earlier today about the Calpensions article with a great headline concerning the Committee of Two's pension deal.* The article raises critical issues about the deal. UCOP has a news clip service that emails out news clippings daily related to UC and to higher ed more generally. Usually, the service will include articles that are not favorable to UC or which don't follow the party line. Thus, if you are a subscriber to that service, you might have breathlessly waited to see if the Calpensions piece would appear today among the clippings. The piece was posted at 1:14 am and the news clip email appeared at 8:01 am, so there presumably was time for that item to be noticed by the editors. [I am basing the timing on when my gmail account says the two arrived.] You can stop holding your breath, if you were; it did not appear today.

Of course, the non-appearance could simply be the result of someone just missing the item. Since it has appeared now in at least two aggregator websites, it would be hard to imagine that it wouldn't be including in the clippings in tomorrow's edition.

We will wait and see. Will the clippings exclude something that isn't Happy Talk?


UPDATE: It wasn't there the next day, either.

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