Thursday, March 19, 2015

Did she say what the SF Chronicle says she said?

The San Francisco Chronicle published an excerpt from the Regents' video of yesterday's meeting that was interrupted by a protest. Yours truly has added a subtitle pointing to the video indicating what the Chronicle says she said. (What she said is not actually all that distinct on the audio track.) Does it matter? In the interest of fair and balanced reporting, we'll let you decide! 

...As UC police faced the protesters to escort them out of the meeting, the university video recording the meeting focuses on Napolitano and Regent Bruce Varner to her left. The president is seen turning to Varner and saying, “Let’s go.” Varner can’t hear her over the students’ chanting, so she repeats: “Let’s go. We don’t have to listen to this crap.” She and Varner and the rest of the regents exit the room...

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