Friday, March 6, 2015

Yesterday's story also returns

Our previous post noted two returning stories. Here is another returning tale from yesterday - which made its way to the front page of the Sacramento Bee, just as hearings are underway on the UC budget. It's the sad tale of UCPath, a systemwide payroll system that seems to be behind schedule and over budget.

...“It’s a very significant overrun,” [an IT expert] said. “Now they’re declining to provide estimates of what the total is. It’s rather extraordinary.” He added that it is not unusual, nor is it an excuse, that the complexity in a big payroll upgrade is the business transformation. But it is noteworthy that the timeline and budget remain open-ended, he said, with management still unable to develop a sense of their exact scope. “The only people who could afford to do this are people who have a blank check,” he said.

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