Friday, March 13, 2015

Email of the Week

Excerpt from an Anderson email:

...(W)e will have a two day film shoot for an MFA student from the School of Theater, Film and Television here this weekend.  Her company numbers about 30 persons between the actors and crew members. 

On Saturday 3/14/15 the scenes to be shot will take place on the 4th floor of Cornell Hall (“D” tower) in the hallways and a couple of offices.   A couple of faculty members have consented to allow their offices to be in the scenes and I am grateful for their cooperation and assistance.

On Sunday, 3/15/15 the film company will shift to Gold Hall (“B” tower) and into room B 312.  The action inside this room involves the use of a prop gun and special effects (blood packs & squibs).  By informing you beforehand, I want to assure you that there is no cause for alarm if you hear what sounds like shots or persons with simulated blood on their clothing-they will be from the film shoot.  The film company has obtained the permission of the Campus Authorities for the use of the prop weapon and the special effects. The prop weapon and the squibs are being controlled by professionals hired by the film company who have much experience in handling their craft.

There will be signage posted at each location on each day.  The film company’s actions should in no way disrupt the normal business of classes and exams on Saturday and study on Sunday. But, if you are traveling near the locations on Saturday and Sunday, you may be asked to wait quietly while the scene is shot and then permitted to continue on your way when they cut.  Again, please don’t be alarmed on Sunday at the noise or blood as they are part of the film being made here...

Are we sure they haven't made that movie already? Maybe it's a remake. Seems like the theme song already exists.

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