Thursday, March 5, 2015

Surely we'll get there, someday

Someone must know the way
From the Daily Bruin: University of California officials said this week that a University-wide payroll and human resources project is now two years behind schedule and will cost millions more than originally expected. The UC Payroll, Academic Personnel, Timekeeping and Human Resources project, or UCPath, was initially slated to cost about $175 million but will now likely cost much more since its deployment date has been delayed multiple times and the UC has had to modify its loans to pay for the project. At the July 2014 UC Board of Regents meeting, officials estimated that the project would cost the University $220.5 million, about $45 million more than the initial estimate...

Janet in Wonderland
At the July 2014 regents’ meeting, officials announced a plan to launch the new system in December 2014. Deployment would have then proceeded at UCLA, UC Merced and UC Santa Cruz in early 2015, with the remaining campuses following soon behind. By early February, testing still had not been completed, and Cianca said on the UCPath website that he expected it to be finished by the end of the month. However, Cianca said in an email Monday that the project is being delayed again, with a pilot deployment at UCOP being pushed to September...

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Given the embarrassment the delay has caused at a time when the UC budget is under scrutiny, we'll be listening for the sounds of rolling heads at UCOP.  So far, however, it's been quiet up there.

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