Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Snap Admissions

As negotiations between the governor and the UC prez continue, we learn of the potential for out-of-state admissions by snap:

The University of California will cap out-of-state enrollment at current levels next year for several of its campuses, including Berkeley and Los Angeles, UC President Janet Napolitano said Tuesday. “It’s good to have a mix of international and out-of-state students on the campuses. That’s the world these students are going to graduate into,” Napolitano told The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board. “The question is how much of a good thing is it, and how much is an appropriate number?” Driven by state budget cuts during the recession, UC stepped up recruiting outside California in recent years, pulling in hundreds of millions of dollars annually from supplemental fees paid by out-of-state and international students. But as nonresident enrollment has reached about 15 percent systemwide, and more than 20 percent at the flagship campuses in Berkeley and Los Angeles, the university has come under increasing criticism for squeezing out Californians.

“If we wanted to, we could make Berkeley and UCLA 50/50 (resident and nonresident), easily, just by snapping our fingers. The demand is that high,” Napolitano said. “We don’t want to do that,” especially as California students continue to apply to UC in record numbers...

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Just to verify, we heard from a potential out-of state applicant:

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