Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Santa Monica Bus Fares May Rise

It was cheaper back then, at least in nominal terms.
The sticker price bus fare on the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus (which serves UCLA among other locations) may rise to $1.25. The transportation powers-that-be at UCLA subsidize the fare during school days. What the net price will be will depend on what subsidy is provided under the BruinGo program:

From the Santa Monica Daily Press:

To keep up with the incoming Expo light-rail line, Big Blue Bus wants to boost its service hours by 11 percent. The augmented service will necessitate a fare hike starting in January, BBB officials said in a report to City Council this week. Regular fares would jump a quarter, from $1 to $1.25. Fares for seniors and riders with disabilities wouldn’t be impacted. “BBB’s new proposed cash fare, $1.25, is still one of the lowest in the County as most Municipal Operators are at $1.35 – $1.50, and much lower than Metro’s cash fare of $1.75,” BBB officials told council. “Senior and Disabled fares would be unchanged at $.50 and BBB passes would be increased incrementally.” BBB is projecting a 4-percent increase in passenger revenue with the coming of Expo. Plans for the fare increase and route changes were scheduled to be presented to (the Santa Monica city) council on Tuesday, but city officials are asking council to push it back to April 28 because a significant item pertaining to the future of the Santa Monica Airport is scheduled for that night...

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