Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Grand Slam

Keep out! I'm negotiating.
In contrast to yesterday's post - which carried news that UC prez Napolitano would limit out of state enrollments, presumably as a goodwill gesture in her negotiations with the governor - comes contradictory news:

The standoff between state officials and the University of California over its finances and admissions policy grew tense Tuesday as the university threatened to limit enrollment of California students next year unless it receives more money from the state.
UC President Janet Napolitano told an Assembly budget subcommittee that the university will cap in-state enrollment at current levels while continuing to increase the number of nonresident students, pending the outcome of budget negotiations with Gov. Jerry Brown. “We will not not be admitting students that we don’t know that we actually have funding for,” Napolitano said. Democratic Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins slammed the plan, expressing frustration over “UC’s latest attempt to use students as bargaining chips.” ...

Earlier Tuesday, Napolitano told The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board that UC would cap out-of-state enrollment at its Berkeley and Los Angeles campuses next year. She did not mention the limit on California students or that overall nonresident enrollment would rise...

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Apparently, the song has changed:

PS: CSU has said much the same thing - enrollment capping - without anyone making much of a fuss about it.

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