Friday, March 27, 2015

Listen to the Regents Meeting of March 19, 2015

The meeting led off with the apology of the UC prez.  Then came public comments on fossil fuel divestment, student mental and physical health clinics (including union issues and budget), the planned Richmond campus of UC-Berkeley, staff retention and pay of nonunion UC employees, tuition, and training regarding sexual assault.

There was a report on the Dept. of Energy (DOE) labs including the contract dispute regarding financial penalties imposed by DOE. The indication was that the dispute is still underway, but perhaps with a resolution in sight. That session was followed by passage of a proposal to waive out-of-state tuition for veterans (in accordance with a federal law that would otherwise make UC ineligible for GI Bill funds). There were other reports on UC services for veterans.

Finally, there was a report by the UC prez on various awards received by faculty and approval of proposals from the various regental committees.

The audio is at the link below:

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