Tuesday, September 6, 2011

UCLA-area ban on "apron" parking spreads to other neighborhoods

As previous entries on this blog have noted, the practice of "apron" parking around UCLA is now banned. Prof. Donald Shoup of Urban Planning - a national expert in parking issues - long campaigned for enforcement of the ban.

Apron parking - parking in the driveway of a building so as to block the sidewalk - has always been illegal but cars so-parked were not ticketed in the past. A lawsuit noting that access for disabled persons to the sidewalks was obstructed was part of the reason for the new enforcement policy.

It appears that the Westwood-area ban on apron parking is now spreading to other LA neighborhoods, thanks to the lawsuit. See

A video was made in the UCLA area in support of the lawsuit under the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). It deals with apron parking and other problems of sidewalk access:


Anonymous said...

i watched the video. the problem isn't cars apron parking, the problem that there are no curb cuts at the sidewalks. If there were curb cuts at the sidewalk, he wouldn't be forced to maneuver in between parked cars. citing drivers for apron parking is the wrong solution! the city needs to cut the curbs at the corners for ada access- do the right thing!

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