Friday, September 16, 2011

LAO’s Proposed Path for UC

In the Sacramento Bee’s article on the Regents meeting (see prior post), we find:

…No one at the (Regents) meeting raised the possibility that UC might not need to increase spending as much as it has proposed. That view, however, could be found in the Capitol, where budget analysts said they were frustrated by the regents' conversation. "UC is in effect saying that it plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars more each year … at a time that inflation is at historic lows, when demographic growth in the college-age population is near zero and when most public agencies are spending less money, rather than more money," Steve Boilard, director for higher education at the Legislative Analyst's Office, said in an email…

Boilard, the state budget analyst, said he disagreed that UC must maintain quality by getting "into a bidding war with the most prestigious universities in the country."

"Every other sector of the government is looking at near-zero increases in salary, and a lot are still going in the negative direction. So I just question how necessary it is at this time to be going through a multiyear salary increase plan," he said…
What path would LAO have UC follow? Maybe this one:

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