Thursday, September 26, 2019

If this story doesn't persuade you to back up securely, nothing will

From the Sacramento BeeAn entomologist visiting UC Davis for a five-month research trip was robbed at gunpoint last week, losing cash, a brand-new laptop and an external hard drive containing precious scientific data and lecture materials, according to Davis police and a spokesperson at the university...

...(T)he robber “stole the entomologist’s wallet containing his rent money and credit cards, his newly purchased laptop, and an external hard drive containing scientific data.” That 1-terabyte hard drive held “all his research data and lectures” ...

So what's the lesson. If you back up your computer on an external drive, you are protected from some kind of computer malfunction. But you are not protected from a loss of both when carried together.

Back up either to an external drive that is in a different location from your computer or back up to "the cloud." UCLA faculty, students and staff, by the way, have free access to cloud storage on "Box." Info at:

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