Saturday, July 9, 2016

CSU vs. UC

California State University is wading into the disputed San Onofre settlement, urging utility regulators to spread some of the $25 million set aside for greenhouse gas research to institutions outside the University of California network.
The request was contained in a filing sent to the California Public Utilities Commission on Thursday, the deadline for parties with concerns about the settlement that assigned costs for the 2012 failure of the nuclear plant north of Oceanside.
The commission is considering reopening the 2014 deal, after months of criticism that much of it was devised outside the public process and may have favored plant owner Southern California Edison.
“In CSU’s assessment, the failures by SCE and UC to disclose ex parte communications about the program in a timely and complete manner violated the commission’s ex parte rules and unfairly advantaged UC to CSU’s detriment,” the state university system said...
CSU's motivation is clear enough:

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