Wednesday, April 6, 2016

UC-Berkeley: 19 employees violated sexual harassment policy since 2011

From the Mercury News: A trove of investigative and disciplinary documents released by UC Berkeley in the midst of an unfolding sexual harassment scandal reveals 19 employees -- including six faculty members -- were found to be in violation of the university's sexual misconduct policies since 2011.

The records -- obtained Tuesday by this newspaper in response to a Public Records Act request filed in November -- bring to light 11 new cases that had not been disclosed during the recent high-profile revelations that tarnished a renowned astronomy professor, a vice chancellor, the dean of the law school and Cal's assistant basketball coach.

The newly released reports, dating back to January 2011, show the university's Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination upheld sexual harassment claims against an assistant diving coach, a counselor for disabled students, an adjunct statistics professor and an assistant professor in South and Southeast Asian studies.

The new documents reveal that all of the employees fired as a result of sexual harassment violations were staff members; none were tenured faculty.

Faculty: Three of the six remain on the faculty, including two who stepped down from administrative roles; three resigned from the university, including an adjunct employee under the threat of termination; and discipline in one case is pending.

Staff: Four staff members were fired from the university and two resigned under threat of dismissal; two were suspended; three received pay cuts or demotions; one got a warning and one has appealed his firing.

Seven of the victims were students and 10 were employees...

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