Tuesday, August 3, 2010

LA Times Editorial Calls for Easing Transfers to UC & CSU

The LA Times editorial refers mainly to transfers from community colleges to CSU but then notes:

Another bill, AB 2302, introduced by Assemblyman Paul Fong (D- Cupertino), asks the University of California to study and report back on what it can do to streamline the transfer process for community college students. (Unlike CSU, UC cannot be forced to make such changes via legislative mandate.) As the state's elite public university, UC must of course maintain a higher standard for admission, and its schools should be given more leeway on setting their own requirements. Still, there are too many disconnects. Students who transfer to UC do as well academically as students who begin as freshmen, but they take an average of 33% more units than the minimum required to graduate in order to fulfill various requirements. That means they spend more time in college, which unnecessarily raises the costs for everyone — students, UC and taxpayers. California, which heavily subsidizes all three public college systems, cannot afford this inefficiency.

The full editorial is at:,0,1679990,print.story

UPDATE: Bills sent to governor

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