Saturday, November 23, 2019

Emeriti Awards for 2019

Prof. Ivan Berend
This past Wednesday, UCLA Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel Michael Levine presented various emeriti awards at the Faculty Center. VC Levine was introduced by Emeriti Association President Ron Mellor:

Winner of the Goldberg award for academic service: 

  • Prof. Rinaldo Casalis, Head and Neck Surgery 

Winner of the Panunzio award for scholarly work or educational service

  • Prof. Lynn Hunt, History 

Prof. James Cherry
Winners of Dickson awards for research, scholarly work, teaching, and/or educational service: 

  • Prof. Richard Abel, Law 
  • Prof. Ivan Berend, History 
  • Prof. James Cherry, Pediatrics

Professors Berend and Cherry both were present to receive their awards in person. (See the photos.) The other award recipients were traveling and out of town.

You can hear an audio recording of the award presentations and the remarks of recipients at the links below:

or direct to:

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