Friday, November 15, 2019

Bike sharing

Despite the pretty picture on the Bruin Bike Share website above, yours truly hasn't seen a lot of students (or anyone else) actually riding them. He has seen a lot of students on private motorized e-scooters and e-bikes, however. And in reading a local Santa Monica news site, he finds that Santa Monica's city-run bike share program (conventional self-pedaling bikes that, like UCLA's, aren't motorized and that you can only leave in designated racks), is losing money as the private motorized competition has increased.


So he wonders about the cost of keeping UCLA's version of the Santa Monica system going.

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Kevin said...

Santa Cruz has only Jump bikes (motorized)—no rental scooters and no rental pedal bikes. The Jump bikes have been pretty successful.

I've never understood the rental pedal bike market: pedal bikes of the quality of the rentals are cheap to buy, so rentals are only for tourists or people doing mixed-mode transportation with a bus. E-bikes are expensive enough that renting one makes some sense if you don't use it daily.