Monday, January 7, 2019

Regents Preliminary Agenda

The Regents' preliminary agenda for their meetings which start January 15 with the Investments Subcommittee is now posted. Attachments, as of 8:30 am, were not available, however.

As usual, some of the business is conducted in closed session. There are some controversial legal cases to be discussed involving sexual harassment, affirmative action, and other matters. Of course, what is said in closed session is not available.

Other matters that will be public in open sessions are an update on the troublesome UCPath payroll system (Finance and Capital Strategies), the continuation - or not - of the student adviser position (Governance and Compensation), student athletes (Academic and Student Affairs), and a review of the budget to be presented to the legislature by incoming Gov. Newsom on January 10 (full board). Whether Newsom will attend in his new capacity as governor is unknown. We also don't know if newly-appointed Regent Jay Sures will attend. (See our two prior posts.) He was not listed as a Regent as of early this morning on the Regents' website, but presumably he could attend.

You can find the agenda at

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