Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Regents Preliminary Agenda Addendum

Yesterday, we noted that the Regents' agenda for their upcoming meeting had been posted in preliminary format. Today we note that there will also be a meeting of the "Working Group on UC Office of the President Salary Ranges" on January 17th following the full board session. The Working Group is a product of the state audit which was critical of executive pay salary ranges.

The Group is proposing changes in policy which appear to narrow the ranges but raise all but the top two salary grades. As a result, according to the included report, "...there are currently no initial cost savings due to the proposed salary range adjustments. The inclusion of the public-sector data is lowering the underlying market data to establish the updated salary range midpoints, but does not result in significant cost savings as provided in UCOP merit guidelines. However, there are potential savings in the future, as employees may reach the top of the salary range more quickly due to narrower salary ranges. In these instances, UCOP should continue its current practice (freeze pay at salary range maximum and provide a lump sum payment in lieu of an increase in accordance with UCOP’s Merit Guidelines)."

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