Friday, January 4, 2019

High Hopes

From EdSource, 1-2-19:

California higher education leaders have High Hopes for Newsom's spending plans

...The impact of Newsom’s governorship on higher education could be significant, touching the lives of the 2.5 million students in total enrolled across the 115 community colleges, 23 California State University campuses and the 10 University of California campuses.

In response to an EdSource questionnaire for primary election candidates last spring, Newsom pledged that his first budget would include “a significant boost” in spending for CSU and UC and he would oppose any tuition increases. “It has been nothing less than devastating to watch the state’s disinvestment from public higher education, and with it, stripping a generation of Californians of an opportunity those before them enjoyed,” he wrote at the time.

In that statement and during numerous campaign forums, Newsom also said he would push for all students to receive two years of free community college under the California Promise program that now covers one year if their college district agrees. In addition, he said he wanted to revive a state agency that would coordinate the state’s three college and state university systems and try to expand and improve financial aid for older students...

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Well, it never hurts to have "high hopes":

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