Friday, January 9, 2015

Where the money is (and where yours truly isn't)

Big, isn't it?
Today, Gov. Brown unveils his budget that will contain some kind of response to UC's tuition/state funding proposal.  However, yours truly will be on an airplane today so don't look for any instant analysis on this blog.  However, these photos (above) of the UCLA Grand Hotel can serve as a reminder where the UC big bucks are: capital projects.  That fact is something that has so far escaped the governor's notice.  And don't buy into the idea that if the money is donated, or the project is said to pay for itself under some business plan, that there are no costs (including opportunity costs).  As the song goes, "it ain't necessarily so."

UPDATE: The Sacramento Bee is reporting in advance of the unveiling that the UC budget proposal will be a continuation of the past increases and conditioned on no tuition increase.  See:

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