Friday, January 2, 2015

It's Not a Nine-to-Five Job; It's Eight-to-Five  
Executive Director- State Government Relations  
Staff - Career  
Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm  
Chief Financial Officer - Immediate Office  
Sacramento, CA  
Commensurate with Experience.  
The Executive Director works closely with the CFO and AVP for Budget, Analysis and Planning to represent the University of California in Sacramento on the University's long range and annual budget, capital resource acquisition and allocation plans, and other finance-related topics including investments, procurement, risk management, and accounting. The Executive Director coordinates closely on all State government outreach with the University Government Relations division.

The Executive Director is responsible for identifying, addressing and resolving major issues affecting the preparation, negotiation, justifications, approval, communication and implementation of the University's operating and capital budgets budget and other finance-related topics that come before the Governor, the State Legislators and their designees, the State Department of Finance, the Department of General Services, State Treasurer's Office, and State Controller's Office.

Having wide-ranging experience, the Executive Director is maintains the highest level relationships between the University and its many constituents, including not only State government policymakers and government relations officials, but also the Regents, university academic and administrative leadership such as the Chancellors, Provosts, Vice Chancellors, Academic Senate and Council, California State University and California Community Colleges, interest groups and associations, external stakeholders, advocates, general public as well as university based constituencies. Constituencies typically include the most influential and powerful government and University representatives.

This position is expected to be based in Sacramento, with occasional trips to Oakland to coordinate with the OP team.

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