Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

Yesterday, New Year's Eve, we noted that there wasn't much news to report and so we provided a bit of New Year's reflections in the form of a George Ade story appropriate to the day.  There is a bit more happening in the world today, but you may be too hung over to contemplate it. 

For example, remember all the fuss about having trigger warnings in courses for students who might be upset by some topics?  Well, the LA Times editorial board is against trigger warnings:
Actually, the trigger warning thing seems largely to have died in 2014, at least at UC.  You could say that the Times' editorial board is beating a dead horse:
Warning: Animal lovers may not want to look at this picture. Sorry!
So rather than discussing triggers, and since we have exhausted George Ade's thoughts about New Years, we provide a bit of New Year cheer from Robert W. Service below:

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