Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Is CSU Skirting the Issue?

White to Napolitano: We're 100% behind you!
Seems like CSU is hiding behind Mother Janet's skirts:

From Capitol Public Radio: The California State University system isn’t threatening to raise student tuition if it doesn’t get more state funding, unlike the University of California. But the CSU still says it needs more money.
Chancellor Tim White says the CSU needs another $100 million from the next state budget – just as the UC does.
“Our demand exceeds our capacity to serve, and we’re concerned about that for California’s long-term future,” White says. 
But while UC Regents have defied Governor Jerry Brown and angered state lawmakers by voting to raise tuition unless the state provides that additional money, White says “our students and our board were not ready to do that at this time.” ...

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