Thursday, January 22, 2015

Back to Normal

When things were normal.
UCLA evolved out of the State Normal school in downtown LA.*  Now, Gov. Brown wants us to go back to normal - although he spoke of Berkeley when he said it:

...Brown says much of his extended family was able to attend UC Berkeley. But he says that’s not the case now for many families now. "You got your foreign students and you got your 4.0 folks," he says. "But just the kind of ordinary, normal students, you know they got good grades but weren’t at the top of the heap there, they’re getting frozen out." ...

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*The Normal School campus moved from downtown to the corner of Vermont and Normal and later converted in 1919 into the Southern Branch of the University of California.  UCLA then moved to Westwood in the late 1920s when the new campus was constructed. LA City College occupies the Vermont Avenue site.

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