Friday, January 23, 2015

Some Regents See Proposed Academic Standards for Athletes as a No Brainer...

...albeit in a different sense of that expression. As noted in prior posts a) the Regents have been considering requiring athletic coach pay to have a component based on academic performance of their athletes, and b) we will eventually get to view and archive the Regents' discussion. However, news items indicate that there was considerably resistance to low proposed standards. The matter is back under review as a result. This issue is wrapped up with litigation - about which we have also blogged - that essentially challenges the idea that, at least for some sports, college athletics is just a matter of student-athletes engaged in a kind of hobby rather than a big business.

On the Regents discussion, see, for example:

We'll come back to the no-brainer issue in some later blog post. Meanwhile, we offer:

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