Sunday, January 11, 2015

What the governor said and what his budget director didn't say

We posted yesterday about the governor's budget.  Below we provide a video link to Brown's two statements last Friday about the UC budget conflict over tuition and an out-of-state enrollment cap.  However, what he said was pretty much reported in the news media. You are unlikely to find anything surprising.

Typically, after the governor's segment of the budget news conference, the podium is turned over to the state budget director who answers technical questions from reporters. You may recall that at the November Regents meeting, Lieutenant Gov. Gavin Newsom kept insisting that UC was breaking a multi-year deal it had made with Gov. Brown on a tuition freeze, despite UC insistence that there had never been such a deal. In response to a news conference question, budget director Michael Cohen was rather careful not to ascribe Brown's UC budget proposal to any alleged deal but instead to a promise Brown had made - presumably to voters at around the time of Prop 30. If you recall the Regents meeting, Newsom was told that if he checked with Dept. of Finance officials (such as Cohen), he would find confirmation that there was no deal. You can find our prior posting on this point, with audio/video at

You can see the excerpts from the news conference on UC with Brown and Cohen at the link below:

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