Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Melting of the Master Plan

The Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) has a new report on CSU doctoral programs.  Under the Master Plan, CSU is not supposed to have doctoral programs except as joint ventures with UC.  But the Master Plan has been melting away of late as the state takes ad hoc steps in higher ed without any particular planning.

LAO's report indicates that CSU has 26 joint doctoral programs, although five of them are joint with a private university, not a UC campus.  Beyond those 26, there are 21 CSU doctoral programs that are not joint with anyone, as you can see below.  This development, and recent authorization for community colleges to offer four-year degrees, doesn't seem to bother the governor although it was his dad as governor who pushed the Master Plan because the three segments at the time seemed to be operating without any coordination.

Below is the list of CSU independent doctoral programs: [Click image to enlarge.]
It is apparently enticing to come inside into the warmth of having no plan at all (and to keep the ice outside):

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