Wednesday, April 3, 2024

The People's Park Saga Continues - Part 2

From KQED: The California Supreme Court will hear oral arguments [today] in a case brought by two groups opposed to UC Berkeley’s plan to build student housing at People’s Park. The case hinges on whether the court considers noise from future residents a form of pollution and whether housing developers should be held to stricter standards when it comes to studying alternative sites for proposed projects. Depending on how the court rules, it could empower community members to demand that developers do extra studies before building new housing, potentially lengthening an already tedious process.

“If a person is vehemently opposed to a project, they can go to court and say ‘tell them to do more studies,’” said Chris Elmendorf, a professor at UC Davis specializing in land-use law. “Maybe the court agrees, or maybe the court disagrees, but while the project is in court, it’s effectively on hold.” ...

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