Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Watch the Regents Meetings of July 20, 2021

The Regents met yesterday as a full board, but just to take public comments (by phone), after which two committees met: National Labs and Governance. They will be meeting later this week for other purposes, including a proposed tuition plan.

Public comments dealt with nurses/PPE, labor relations issues, lecturer reviews, electrification/environment, renewable energy/fossil fuels, Hawaiian telescope, call center workers, tuition, and abortion. 

At the National Labs committee, there was an allocation of fee income from managing the labs and then a presentation about the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Included was the photo below which shows the Lab's associates as of the late 1930s. 

You can see Prof. J. Robert Oppenheimer - who later became research director of the Manhattan Project - at the top with a pipe. The Governance Committee dealt with some executive pay issues and a revision of the codification of various regental policies.

As usual, we preserve the recordings of the meeting since the Regents delete them after one year. You can see the meeting at the links below:

Complete Session:

Full Board and National Labs:


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