Sunday, November 22, 2020

Listen to the Afternoon Meeting of the Regents of Nov. 18, 2020

We conclude our review of the recent Regents meeting with the afternoon session of November 18:

From the Daily Cal: The Academic and Student Affairs Committee discussed Native American student admissions, 21st-century skill development for UC students and supporting UC students with disabilities, among other topics. The board expressed support for a debt-free path to UC institutions. The committee also addressed survey results indicating students feel that they lack information literacy, or the ability to organize information one receives. According to (UC Provost) Brown, UC Berkeley’s data science initiative, which expanded from a course to a college, addresses “information literacy analysis.”

...The Finance and Capital Strategies Committee discussed 2020 UC finances. UCOP Financial Accounting Associate Vice President Peggy Arrivas said the university finances “remain very stable.” Despite university expenditures increasing by about $4 billion in the past year, revenues increased by $1.7 billion. The committee also approved the 2020-2026 Capital Financial Plan. In addition to more seismic evaluations being done on campuses, the committee addressed how more housing projects are being deferred due to limited occupancy on campuses and the university’s need to rely on reserves during the pandemic...

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Finance and Capital Strategies approved all capital projects including two that seem to be controversial with neighborhood groups: Davis' "Aggie Square" project and San Diego's "Theater District" project.

Links to the audio of the Regents sessions are below for listening and/or downloading:

Academic and Student Affairs:

Finance and Capital Strategies:

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