Tuesday, June 11, 2019

UCLA Emeriti Assn. Statement to Regents on Proposed Privatization of Retiree Health

Professor-Emeritus Weiss
The president-elect of the UCLA Emeriti Association Richard Weiss alerted the Regents' Health Service Committee on the proposal of UCOP to privatize retiree health care insurance. Under the current system, he explains, UC retirees and emeriti are covered by Medicare. Medicare decides on which health services participants are eligible. UC self-insures are provides various options for a supplemental policy to Medicare to cover (in part) those costs not covered by Medicare. The supplemental policies are funded by premiums paid by UC and participants. Under the proposed "Medicare Advantage" plan, UC would not self-insure and the coverage would be provided by a private carrier. The carrier would decide on eligibility for service. The current proposal would take effect on January 1, 2020.

Professor Weiss asked the Committee to inform themselves about the proposal, since evidently UCOP has not informed the Regents. He noted that in the short time available (given the necessary advance planning needed to prepare for open enrollment and bargain such changes with the affected unions), there is not adequate time for consultation and analysis.

You can hear his remarks - made during the public comments period of the Committee - at the link below:

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