Friday, June 15, 2018

Question: What do doctors have?

Answer: Patients.


Question: What do we need in waiting for an analysis of the new state budget?
Answer: Patience. A newspaper headline is not a budget. Possibly, the governor may line-item veto some elements of what the legislature passed - although he hasn't used that authority much in the past. In any case, there will soon be more detailed information available from official sources - and then we will provide some analysis. Note that the $200 billion figure is NOT the General Fund which is usually viewed as "the budget." The $200 billion includes funds outside the General Fund for all kinds of earmarked functions such as transportation. The General Fund has typically run around two thirds of this type of overall figure over the years. But the news media seem fascinated this time around by the round $200 billion. Anyway, patience! We'll have details soon enough.

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