Sunday, June 16, 2019

Timetable of the Runaway Train on Retiree Health

The newly-formed Health Benefits Advisory Cmmittee that was set up the study all health plans (not just retiree health) received a UCOP-hired consultant's report last week on the plan to privatize retiree health. It will get a another such presentation tomorrow. You can express your thoughts to the Committee at (but it soon will be out of the effective decision-making loop). RFP responses from the private carriers have apparently been received.

After having thus "consulted," those shepherding this effort will very shortly send it to an internal, high-level UCOP committee - and then presumably off to the UC prez. So we seem to have a runaway train on a fast track. It's not clear if the train will make a courtesy stop at the Regents in July.

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Bottom line: If you are affected by the runaway train, our best advice at this point is not to get sick after December 31.

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