Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Back in the day (1959)
From the Daily Bruin: The State Historical Resources Commission unanimously decided Friday not to nominate the UCLA Faculty Center as a historical resource, following a four-year-long attempt to establish its significance. At its quarterly meeting, the Commission decided the building was not a strong example of mid-century, modern ranch-style architecture, as the Los Angeles Conservancy claimed, because it did not fully embody the architectural style.

The Commission is a review board that aims to identify and preserve California’s cultural heritage, said Jay Correia, a state historian who manages the activities of the commission. The Conservancy is a private nonprofit that aims to prevent the demolition of Los Angeles buildings, said Adrian Fine, director of advocacy at the Los Angeles Conservancy. The UCLA Faculty Center, located near Murphy Hall, is a private club for UCLA faculty that consists of lounges, conference rooms and private dining rooms for reservation. Fine said the Los Angeles Conservancy and some UCLA faculty members began advocating to add the center to the California Register, a list of the state’s significant historical and archaeological resources. He added they wanted to ensure UCLA would account for the faculty center’s historical significance before considering its demolition...

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