Monday, November 16, 2015

Postponed Plaza

Screenshot from Westwood BID website
The Westwood BID (Business Improvement District) still has a plan to turn Broxton into a car-free plaza. But the Bruin says that the plan is in fact on hold:

Westwood officials postponed plans to create a community plaza on Broxton Avenue and created a committee to address the proposal’s logistical and funding problems. The Westwood Village Improvement Association, also known as the BID, will research funding sources and budget details before agreeing next year to pursue a plaza that would create more walking and outdoor dining space. The BID’s Clean, Safe and Beautiful Committee voted 3-1 on Friday to not apply for the plaza this year because its members thought funding sources were inadequate. Instead, they decided to create a temporary committee to continue the planning process. The BID announced in October it will apply for the Los Angeles Department of Transportation’s People St program at the end of the year. In its October meeting, the BID’s board agreed it would not apply to the program unless an explicit budget outlined what the plaza would cost the BID, but staff members began to gather support for the plaza before the board approved it...

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