Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Highlights of the Upcoming Regents Meeting Agenda

UC prez Clark Kerr & various regents name UC-Irvine in 1961
Highlights of the upcoming Regents meeting, Nov. 18-20, in chronological order:

Outside audit to be conducted on UC-Merced’s public-private partnership plan to expand campus facilities: (discussion item).

Proposal of new plan to make health centers more autonomous: (action item). This is a Big Deal. And one suspects the train has left the station on this one.

Update on activities of tolerance/intolerance committee: (discussion item). Last time, there were fireworks on this issue over the non-treatment of antisemitism. But this time, the report is likely to be simply that the committee has been going around and meeting with folks and taking testimony.

Tuition freeze continues next year (2016-17) but then starts going up the following year; plan for the added 5,000 students (see prior post on this blog): (action item).

Still more on the UC-Merced public-private capital plan: (discussion item). This item seems like another train-has-left-the-station matter.

Funding for pension plan: (action item) Note: There are controversial elements here apart from funding which will be discussed in subsequent posting.

Approval of various high-paid positions and appointments including one at UCLA:

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