Monday, February 9, 2015

Vaccination Requirement for UCLA? How About Now?

The UCLA Anderson School has a slogan about "thinking in the next." The idea is to promote the concept of forward thinking. But sometimes worrying only about the "next" is procrastination. UC, as we have noted in several posts, has a vaccination requirement that apparently started to be developed in 2013 and will roll out in 2017. That's the procrastination version of "next." UCLA could think about "now" rather than "next" and, as we have also posted, the UC policy allows any campus in the UC system to do so.*

Other universities are thinking in the now:

...Some institutions that already require students to be vaccinated are turning their attention to employees. Washington State University on Friday asked all employees to verify their measles vaccination status and, if they have not been vaccinated, to do so. “We know the majority of students -- up to 97 percent -- are vaccinated. We don’t know how many employees are vaccinated, and the health of our community is dependent on making sure as many people as possible within our community are vaccinated or have demonstrated immunity,” said a statement from Bruce Wright, executive director of campus health services...

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For now, let's focus on now:

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