Friday, June 12, 2015

Will UCLA Play Ball at the VA?

The issue of what happens to the UCLA baseball field at the VA might possibly be resolved, but not immediately. Blog readers will know that after litigation revolving around the idea that the Westwood VA property is supposed to be used to benefit veterans, it appeared that UCLA's baseball field was going to be evicted. The Daily Bruin is reporting that there have been discussions that might lead to preserving the stadium:

...Chancellor Gene Block and VA Secretary Robert McDonald met last week to discuss the revitalization of the VA campus, said UCLA spokesperson Tod Tamberg in an email statement. He added UCLA officials were invited to work closely with the VA during the campus’s renovations and look forward to discussing plans to include Jackie Robinson Stadium in the master plan...

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When you look at the announcement of a contractor to come up with a plan for the VA property, it makes some vague statement about consultation with "local stakeholders" and "community partners," but what that might mean is unclear. See

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