Thursday, June 25, 2015

Radio Debate

We earlier blogged about the "microaggression" debate at UC.* Yesterday, the issue was debated on "Airtalk" with Larry Mantle by UCLA Law Prof. Eugene Volokh and Prof. Derald W. Sue at Teachers College at Columbia University. You can hear the program at the link below. A somewhat-related take by yours truly is on another blog.** I suspect that this matter will come up at the July Regents meeting when there will be a debate on an anti-Semitism resolution. As we have noted earlier, UC prez Napolitano said an an NPR broadcast that she personally endorsed the resolution.*** Recently, a state legislative commitee endorsed a less-specific version which Regent Pérez appears to endorse.****

I cut a few seconds off the Airtalk program to fit a 20 minute limit. Click on the link below:

If you have trouble with the link above, try:

** and update:

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