Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Puzzle resolved

At the last Regents meeting during the public comments period, a group (construction unions) favoring a new sports stadium in San Francisco complained about another group that was opposed within UC. But it was unclear who this opposing group was or why - if it existed - it was opposed. That matter is now more clear:

The Golden State Warriors could face some unexpected opposition in their drive to build an arena in Mission Bay: nurses.On Monday, the California Nurses Association, a union that represents 900 UCSF nurses, came out against the plan for an 18,500-seat arena across the street from the new UCSF Medical Center on the southern edge of Mission Bay. In a statement, the nurses union cited “impacts on access to care, patient health and the ability of patients, family members and health professionals to access Mission Bay’s hospitals and clinics in gridlock traffic.” ...

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Presumably, more will be heard about this matter at subsequent meetings.

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