Monday, June 15, 2015

Six Months!!!

Not reflected in this news account
We noted yesterday that there would be some traffic problems around UCLA. But these problems seemed to be a matter of a few weeks. Apparently, if you look at the article below, there is a buried tidbit:

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power crews today will begin installing a 36-inch water pipe at Sunset Boulevard and Hilgard Avenue near UCLA to get water to the Westside while a $9 million project gets underway at the reservoir currently serving the area. The new pipeline -- known as the Charing Cross and Hilgard Bypass Line -- will bring water to the UCLA campus and surrounding neighborhoods from various alternative sources, while the Upper Stone Canyon Reservoir now serving the area is taken offline. A floating cover will be installed at the reservoir to protect the water, as part of requirements under the federal Clean Water Act, according to Kim Hughes, spokesperson for LADWP.
Construction work is expected to affect traffic in the area for the next six months, starting from today until January 2016.
A major water-main break on July 29, 2014, on Sunset Boulevard north of UCLA flooded the campus and called attention to the city’s aging water infrastructure.


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