Friday, June 12, 2015

Is UC Going to Turn Down $25 million?

Two media sources indicate that the legislature has more money in the budget - $25 million - for UC, but UC is saying it can't accept the conditions. From Capitol Public Radio:

The UC would get an extra $25 million, but that money would come with several strings attached, including in-state enrollment growth and phasing out financial aid for out-of-state students. The UC says those two conditions would be “impossible for the university to comply with.” But lawmakers disagree. But lawmakers disagree. “I absolutely think they’re justified,” Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins told Capital Public Radio Thursday. “Now that we are trying to reinvest more in higher education, we want to make sure that California kids are going to reap the benefits of that.” Gov. Jerry Brown opposes more money for the UC and CSU. In particular, he believes the UC can raise enrollment without extra money from the state...

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From the Daily Californian:

Above the $119.5 million in new funds offered in the Brown-Napolitano agreement, the legislative committee put forward a number of conditions for the University of California to get an extra $25 million, including the enrollment of 5,000 new California residents and the redirection of funds from nonresident financial aid to resident students instead. UC spokesperson Dianne Klein said that while the framework set up by Brown and Napolitano’s agreement put the UC system on a solid financial footing, it was still missing the funding necessary to provide sustained enrollment growth. According to Klein, the new proposal, even with the additional $25 million, would not be enough to enroll the 5,000 students it calls for. “Not only is it impossible to enroll that many students by 2016, but it also sets a dangerous precedent of using private funds from out-of-state students to supplant the state’s plans,” Klein said. “Increasing enrollment is necessary to avert a critical-skills workforce shortage, but what we’ve seen so far falls short.” Keely Bosler, chief deputy director of the California Department of Finance and Brown’s representative at the meeting, didn’t support the additional $25 million of funding but said the governor would be willing to support the provisions discussed in the rest of the UC budget proposal.

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