Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Another guess on what will come up at the Regents meeting in July

Coming soon?
Our previous post dealt with an issue - a stadium near UC-SF - which was raised somewhat mysteriously at the last Regents meeting. Now that it is clear what the complaint was, it seems likely that we will hear more about it - at least in the public comments - in July. The other issue that seems likely to be raised (apart from the budget/tuition/pension Committee of Two deal) is the continuing issue of whether UC campuses are adequately handling complaints of sexual harassment. There will surely be some briefing of the Regents on two recent lawsuits - one at Berkeley and the other at UCLA - by women complaining of harassment that was (in their view) improperly dismissed or given inadequate attention by officials. But such briefing is typically done in closed sessions. However, there is always an opportunity for public comment or possibly some scheduled discussion. Links to the two cases are provided below:

Today, there is a closed session of the Regents concerning selection of a new director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab:,%202015.pdf

Presumably, the appointment matter will be aired at the July Regents meeting.

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